Buy a used private jet

While the costs of used jets have steadily decreased in recent years, we are studying the purchasing dilemma. Only private jets work and with the introduction of new principles for aviation safety, the opportunity market has literally imploded. More informations : . Ten decades ago, a jet has no value. This is partly due to the high cost of replacing the combustion of older engines, but also to cockpit avionics.

Private jet training

Having a jet plane provides the undeniable advantage of travelling under more favourable conditions, because you have a wonderful freedom of movement, whether professionally or privately. With respect to some flights, travel can be scheduled according to its own schedule, without having to fill in the well-known registration status. In addition, we have a comfortable space and a dedicated crew. The study of the possible frequency of use remains a major criterion in this situation. Secondly, you will need to specify the flight range and dimensions. For more informations about turbine helicopter training, contact a professional. The light private jets, with a capacity of 8 people, allow you to fly for one. They are perfectly suited for relatively short journeys (up to 3,200 km). The jets can accommodate up to 9 people and also have luggage storage capacity. Their flight time can reach nearly 5,000 km, or three and a half hours. Finally, the personal jet known as the "long haul" jet has a longer range (6,500 km), ideally for immediate transatlantic flights. It makes it possible to travel in greater numbers and in comfortable conditions. Ultimately, the seller's option is necessary.

Rent or buy an aircraft

One way to reduce the cost of purchasing a private jet. The first choice allows you to rent your own aircraft and therefore to be able to amortize at least some incidental expenses. To do this, you must approach an aircraft management company, which can monitor the management of your personal aircraft when you are not using it. The second alternative has recently appeared and consists in buying your private jet with several people: you discuss the ownership of their jet, and therefore the duration of its use. This formulation may be interesting in some cases to significantly reduce the purchase cost. However, before purchasing your personal jet, it is advisable to perform profitability calculations and complete expenses.

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